Social Impact Startup Challenge

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In commemoration of the Martyrdom of Banda Singh Ji Bahadur’s 300th anniversary
the Legend who created tremendous social change,
Nihal Foundation announces the
Social Impact Startup Challenge
Are you of age group 15 to 25 years?

Do you have a startup idea
that can positively impact  of our society?

Click here to register for Social Impact Startup Challenge, submit your idea and win exciting prizes !!!

Winners will get seed funding and mentoring at our Social Incubation Centre at Gurgaon.

Registration/participation is FREE !!

Last date to register and submit your idea – 30.9.2017

Register for Social Impact Startup Challenge
 Explain your Social Change Idea in 200 words
 What name you want to give for your project

 Explain how your project will bring Social Change

 What technology you will use for this Project?

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 Age (in years)
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